Map license



The following conditions apply for the use of maps produced using MapCreator and the maps of the MapCollection:


Maps created using the MapCreator and the maps of the MapCollection may be published as a part of third-party works, unless the manufacturer’s best interests are unreasonably adversely affected. The software and maps created using the software may not be used, in whole or in part, to create a similar or competing product or if this would adversely and unreasonably affect our best interests as the manufacturer in any other manner (e.g., large map collections).


Maps that are based on OpenStreetMap data contain a copyright notice in the lower left corner of the map. If you publish these maps, you have to take care that the copyright note is visible at a suitable location. More information about using maps based on OpenStreetMap data can be found here.


Commercial use:
For commercial use the Professional Edition is required.


If you have any questions concerning the map licence, please contact


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