New features in MapCreator 3:



Additional geographic data for improved map display

MapCreator 2
MapCreator 3
Rügen 2
Rügen 3





Individual countries can be highlighted or isolated


Maske 1
Maske 2





GPS files can be imported and displayed as a route


Tour de France 2014, Stage 13, imported as GPX file.







Integration and creation of OpenStreetMaps


OpenStreetMap maps from various sources can be used. The maps are georeferenced, routes from GPX files can be imported.


primap Style (configurable)
Standard Style




The boundaries of the federal states can be drawn


Grenzen 1
Grenzen 2





Map symbols can be rotated and colorized


MapCreator 2
MapCreator 3
Rügen 2
Rügen 3





New map type Countries


Staaten 1
Staaten 2





Labeling of countries including the country flag


Flaggen 1
Flaggen 2





Updated country boundaries

The country boundaries has been updated.



Adding additional locations

If a location is not available in the integrated database, it can be inserted manually.



Capitals can be drawn separately

The font and the symbol of the capitals can be set separately.



Import your own maps

If you have a map, saved in a picture format, you can import it in MapCreator. In these maps routes or other map objects can be drawn.


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